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We here at Pet Wellness Central understand what it means to have pets.  We treat them like part of the family.  Our mission is to make finding the best products for your dog or cat easy and fun with friendly, fast service.  Our company was started by people who put pets at the top of the priority list.  We found that sometimes finding the right product for our pets was hard in the big stores.  We want to bring our products right to your front door to make it as convenient as possible!

We look at pet wellness a little differently than others.  Our background is in pet rescue and fostering to help dogs and cats get off to a good start in life.  We understand that not all pets get that chance.  Those who open their homes to foster animals and rescued pets are special people and their efforts are herculean in nature!

We are new and are hopeful you will give us a try.  Because we do not have a physical store, we can offer you more value for your money.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Please contact us with your questions or concerns at If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will make it right.  If you like us, please share us with your friends and family.  We like happy tails and paws!

Sheila A.